Team Programs

Competitive Team Programs

Advanced Gymnastics Programs

Milton Springers has competitive gymnastics training available to meet a variety of levels of gymnastics ability. Entry into these programs are by invitation and/or evaluation. Evaluations are usually conducted in the Spring via recreational classes as well as via advertised open evaluation nights held at the gym.
They include programs for gymnasts that are interested in learning to develop competitive gymnastics skills to programs for gymnasts that have mastered a certain level of ability that would permit competition in inter-club invitational meets. The Club is also proud of its' Girl's Competitive Artistic Gymnastics training program which meets the technical standards for the J.O. (Junior Olympic) Program.

Competitive programs at the club are supported through the assistance and participation of its competitive team member families. Participation of our competitive members is integral in providing a quality experience for all of our gymnastics programs, as well as assisting in keeping club fees as reasonable as possible. Levels of participation are determined by the number of hours the competitive gymnast works out. Participation is fulfilled through taking on committee and/or executive positions, or signing up for participation points (e.g. Helping run events at the club).

Developmental Competitive Programs (4-8 yrs)

These are programs for young gymnasts who show an above average enthusiasm for gymnastics and who demonstrate the ability to move beyond the typical Kindergym structure geared for that age group.

Aspire (5 yrs) and Petites (6 yrs)

12 month program July-June. 2 classes per week, Aspire 4 hrs/wk, Petite Elites 6 hrs/wk
Aspire and Petite Elite are an introduction to increased training for young gymnasts.

Developmental Year round training 3 classes per week (3-4+ hrs each)

Age 6 Pre 1
Age 7 Pre 2

These programs are designed as an extension of the competitive developmental program for 6 year old children who show above average enthusiasm for gymnastics and who demonstrate physical and mental attributes for learning competitive gymnastics skills.
Entry may be as a path from the Aspire & Petite Elite program or through evaluation.

In addition to the mandatory hrs, optional hours could be offered to those interested gymnasts who are meeting the skill progression requirements of the Head Coach. These additional hours are offered on a weekday morning or afternoon requiring school hours to be missed.
Invitational meets begin at this level

Provincial year round training

Ages 9+

Compulsory Levels 3-5
Optional Levels 6-10

Starting at nine years old, entry into the Provincial competitive level is normally a progression from the Pre-competitive programs. However, Invitational level athletes who have acquired the necessary skill level to compete in Provincial competitions and have demonstrated the dedication and commitment will also be invited and welcomed.
Provincial level competition consists of three qualifying meets across Ontario where gymnasts are vying for the opportunity to compete in the Provincial Championships which take place in the spring.

Summer training hours are compulsory and consist of 5 weekday mornings or afternoons per week. Regular season (Sept. – June) compulsory training consists of 4 after school/evening sessions, a 1 weekday session (Typically Friday afternoon)  1/2-1 hr training may be dedicated to ballet.  Provincial Athletes also have the option to attend the HPP (high performance program) Training consists of 5 weekday sessions.

Invitational Program 2-3 classes per week (3-4+ hrs per class)

Ages 7+ Levels 1 and 2

The Invitational program is geared towards gymnasts between the ages of 7 and 16 +. Gymnasts are selected to enter this program based on achieved skill level and progress.

Beginning at age 7, these Invitational gymnasts will compete at various meets throughout the season. Gymnasts within this group may have entered as a continuation from a recreational program, or may have chosen this program in lieu of a Competitive Developmental, Pre-Competitive or Provincial program. This is an ideal program for those talented gymnasts who are enthusiastic about competition; however, are not interested in training more than 6-8 hrs per week.

Due to the fact that the Invitational program spans many ages and many skill sets, the primary path is a continuation of this program. However, movement between the Invitational and Pre-Competitive/Provincial streams can be fluid as well.