Club Safety Policies


Gymnastics is a sport, and like all sports, involves some risk. In order to minimize that risk, it is important that safety rules are followed. Please take some time to remind your child to listen to their coaches and follow all safety rules.

  1. All of our classes are instructed by coaches who are trained by the Nationally Certified Coach Program (NCCP)

  2. Children are NOT allowed on the gymnastic apparatus unless supervised by a Milton Springer instructor.

  3. Children must be in good health to participate. The coach has the authority to refuse admittance of a gymnast to a class for any sound medical reason. Parents may be asked to sign a Permission to Participate form following an injury or illness. Parents should inform coaches prior to class of any illness of injuries that may impact their ability to participate fully in their class.

  4. Children disrupting or disturbing class may be restricted from participation.

  5. Parents are not permitted in the gym unless they are invited by the supervising coach. Parents are welcome to watch their child(ren) from the designated viewing areas at any time.

  6. Parent and Tot classes permit one parent per child to accompany in the gym. Siblings, including babies in car seats or carriers are not permitted in the gym.

  7. No food, drink or chewing gum is permitted in the Gym. Water in sealed bottles are permitted. A water fountain is available in the gym

  8. To protect privacy, no photography or filming of children is permitted during class.

  9. All children must wear suitable gym attire. For girls; a body suit and/or form fitting shorts or leggings and t-shirt. For boys; elastic waist shorts, track pants and t-shirts.  No zippers, ballet skirts or loose fitting clothing is permitted.  Long hair must be tied back. Dangling earrings, bracelets, watches, anklets or necklaces should be left at home. Gymnasts are bare foot in the gym. Parents assisting a child in a Parent & Tot class may wear socks if they choose. Open wounds or warts must be bandaged with athletic tape, which is available to purchase in the office or drug store if needed. 

  10. Milton Springers recreation club uniforms consist of black and pink body suits for girls and black shorts with Springers T-shirts for boys. Body suits & t-shirts can be purchased in the office. Uniforms are encouraged but not mandatory in class.  Club uniforms must be worn by every child who takes part in any public demonstration or club function. 

  11. Participants can leave their belongings in the Coats and Boots room (which is not supervised during class time). It is recommended that athlete come dressed for class, however change rooms are available if required. Please do not bring valuables to the gym. Milton Springers is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Outdoor footwear must be removed before entering the Gym

  12. All participants, age 12 or younger must be escorted inside by a parent or guardian to the class waiting area, and remain with them until the coach calls them in to begin. Participants must be picked up promptly by a parent or guardian at the end of their class time in the waiting area. Coaches have other classes and are not available to supervise late pick-ups. For children age 10-12, parents/guardians may sign a Recreation Athlete Release Form available from your child's coach, to allow coaches to release their child without a parent present.

  13. If Halton schools are closed due to weather, daytime programs are cancelled. Should after school and weekend programs be cancelled due to inclimate weather we will post closure details on our website Unfortunately we do not offer make up classes, credits or refunds for any reason including weather related cancellations, or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. power outages).