Stepping Stones

Milton Springers offers a specialized program called Stepping Stones to help your child with special needs succeed. This special needs program is designed for children ages 5-12 years old with Autism, Down Syndrome and other learning or developmental disabilities.  Your child will be paired with a specially trained gymnastics coach, and given the opportunity to be active.  An individual "action plan" is developed by you and your child's coach to help your child reach their goals.

Registration Process

Initial Gym Visit ~ Your child will be invited into the gym to determine which program and coach will be fit their needs.  A gym visit generally takes 15-20 minutes.  Your child will go into the gym and work one on one with a coach to determine what they will need to succeed in our program.

Coach Assignment ~ After the gym visit, a coach will be selected for your child and a goal sheet will be developed by you and your child's coach.

Classes ~ A time and day will be set for your child's class and they will participate in weekly program for the entire session.

End of Session Progress Report ~ At the end of each session, coaches will complete a "Stars and Wishes" progress report.  This will outline the accomplishments made in the session and the goals for the following session.

Please contact for more information including program costs or to book a gym visit.